Our Tsugami MB38SY is equipped with a hobbing attachment that allows up to produce hobbed gear teeth. We are limited to external teeth only but spiral forms can be generated from + 15deg. to -15deg.

The Tsugami has a maximum bar diameter of 38mm or 1.1/2" therefore the gears we can produce are limited to that OD.

Cycle times are similar to conventional hobbing machines but without the piece loading and unloading so our prices can be very competitive.

Accuracies have been achieved neer AGMA class 12. Typically class 9 or 10 is not a problem.

Delivery on hobbed parts will depend greatly on the tooth form and accuracy required.

Custom hobbs can take 12 or more weeks to procure.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or would like a quote on your part.