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Vision Statement
At ACF Machine Inc. we believe that technology is the key to sustaining our competitive edge. In the future we will strive to maintain this edge by searching for and utilizing the best technology available.

We also believe that we can offer the best quality and service by keeping our customer base limited in order to maintain flexibility and a close working relationship.

Through the best use of technology and a limited customer base, we will be able to keep our overhead low and manpower at a minimum allowing us to offer high quality products at a lower cost than our competitors.

Employing only a small number of people will allow management to sustain a close personal relationship with them. We want our people to be fully trained and empowered so that they may take pride and ownership in their job and act as a fully functioning part of the ACF Machine team. It is our goal to provide the best possible working conditions and benefits to our employees, so that working at ACF Machine will be a positive influence in their lives.


Mission Statement

ACF Machine Inc. will keep abreast of technology by maintaining close contact with suppliers, reviewing trade publications, and attending trade shows. We will utilize this information to evaluate and update our methods of production for current and future products . We will always strive to use the best technology available in our methods and equipment.

We will work to expand our customer base to ensure a minimum growth rate of  5% per year in gross sales in the next two years. We feel that this will be an optimum rate to expand our capabilities, maintain flexibility, and ensure a close working relationship with our customers.

Within the next three years we hope to add two additional turning centers and hire 1 or 2 technically skilled employees. These employees will be fully trained and empowered so that they will be fully involved in our continual improvement process.


Quality Policy

ACF Machine Inc. realizes the negative effect that poor quality will have on customer satisfaction, future business, scrap and rework costs, and public safety. It is therefore our policy to never knowingly ship defective parts to a customer. Furthermore, we will use the best techniques and technology we can to minimize the possibility of producing defective parts. The only acceptable level of defects is zero defects. We will put an emphasis on prevention rather than detection with final inspection as a safeguard.

We will institute a controlled, documented program of administrative procedures and work instructions to insure a consistent product which meets the customer's specifications. This system will cover all aspects of our operation.

Our people will be the key to achieving our goals. We are dedicated to empowering them by giving necessary training, tools, and responsibility to do their job right the first time. Their ownership and commitment to Quality is a must.