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ACF Machine Inc. was established in 1991 in a garage in Union, Mo. by Art Fink. Running a Mazak SQT15MS 24hrs a day to supply one customer with a variety of parts for their production lines. In just 6 months a commercial building was acquired and a second Mazak added, then a third.  It wasn't long and over a million parts had been made. Over the years diversity brought the turning of large cast iron valve seats, bushings for the aircraft industry and gear hobbing. Secondary equipment such as drill presses, fully automatic cutoff saw, tool grinder, vertical mill, stick and mig welders add to the growing business.

It's been over 15 years now since ACF started in that little home garage and we just recently moved into a 12,000 square foot facility just across town. Still located in Union, MO, ACF now has the floor space and utilities to easily double its' capacity. We will be looking for additional customers to make good use of our new home.


Most of our production has been and is non ferrous. ( aluminum, brass and delrin ) However, we are making more and more mild steel parts as well as stainless and some alloy steels. In the alloys we have experience with Fatigueproof, Stressproof, 4140, and 17-4PH. Production runs from barstock is our primary business but we also do larger sizes up to 8" dia. in chucking jobs.                  More pictures of the parts we make.

We have Cad capability in AutoCad, VersaCad, Esprit CAD-CAM and over 30 years experience in manufacturing and design engineering. We can import dxf, iges, wmf, and other formats of your drawings for quoting purposes and production updates as well. We also do design and engineering work on new products and parts for some of our customers. We have extensive experience in design and manufacture of custom equipment for assembly and machining.

Gear Hobbing

Our Tsugami MB38SY is equipped with a gear hobbing attachment that allows us to produce AGMA class 10 or better gears from solid barstock. We are limited to external tooth gears but we can do spiral forms as well as straight cut teeth.


Our Quality department is exceptional in maintaining our reputation as a top vendor to our customers. All of our standards are logged into our gage calibration system and certified to NIST standards by an outside metrology lab, then all of our gages are calibrated to these standards on a regular basis to ensure accuracy. Inspectors must pass a qualification test prior to use of any piece of equipment.

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A word about ISO

We strive to maintain ISO compliance but are not certified. We wrote our own quality manual to set the ISO standards for the operation of ACF Machine Inc. and it was the reference manual for one of our largest customers to produce their own quality manual. We follow these ISO guide lines to be ISO compliant but for a small shop like ours to seek ISO certification would be a great financial load and would force us to have to raise our prices accordingly. We have elected so far, to not become ISO certified until we grow large enough to justify the benefits against the cost.